VIDEO: “Preparing Books To Sell On Amazon”.

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People often have questions for me regarding what I do to prepare books to send to Amazon’s warehouses for sale. In my newest “how to” video I show you the process that I go through when preparing a book to list online. This technique works on both hardcover and softcover books (unless they are cloth). Enjoy the video!


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2 Responses to VIDEO: “Preparing Books To Sell On Amazon”.

  1. Rob, where do you have your have your videos now? I was hoping to see this one.

    • Rob Anderson says:

      Hi Marilyn!

      I have the videos on Google Drive but have not put them all up on the website yet. I’ve really been holding out on Youtube to get the Dollar Moves Channel back but will be adding more of the videos to the website this week! Thanks for your patience!

      Take Care,
      Rob Anderson

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