What Happened To The Dollar Moves Youtube Channel…AND How YOU Can Help Get It Back!!!

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Did you find the “Dollar Moves” Youtube videos helpful and/or valuable? If so, could you please do me a favor and LEAVE A COMMENT UNDER THIS VIDEO? All you have to do is: CLICK THE TITLE “What Happened To The Dollar Moves Youtube Channel…” above to make sure you are on the correct page. Once there SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE and LEAVE A COMMENT in either the Facebook comments or the regular comment section.

I appreciate all of the support that you have given me over the last three years and ESPECIALLY THE TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF SUPPORT that you have given since Youtube suspended the channel! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

In the video I lay out EVERYTHING that happened with the Youtube channel. I keep wanting to say “enjoy the video” but I hope that hearing how Youtube terminated my Dollar Moves Youtube channel isn’t enjoyable!

After I made the video I realized that there were some things that I forgot to add. When I make any video I first do my homework. After I have all of my information together I bring it together in a way that gives you just enough information (about a technique, tool, service, etc.) that you can go out and do more research on that topic if you choose to. Once I get to the end of the video I will recommend a product, service or tool that I either use personally, or that I know others have had great success with. I stake my reputation on my videos and the products, services and tools that I recommend.

I have always made my videos with the hope that you will take the information and run with it! That is a big part of why there is a “Moves” in Dollar Moves! I have received SO MANY EMAILS and COMMENTS from people thanking me for the videos and know that they have been a part in helping MANY PEOPLE START THEIR BUSINESSES! I always put the viewer first and have turned down people that have offered products, services, etc. that would not benefit the viewer.

I truly appreciate you and hope that you will take a moment to “give back” to Dollar Moves by sharing a comment on how you have found the videos valuable and/or helpful! LET’S DO WHAT WE CAN TO GET THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL BACK!  Take Care -Rob

 Thank YOU For The Comments! How To Contact Youtube!

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100 Responses to What Happened To The Dollar Moves Youtube Channel…AND How YOU Can Help Get It Back!!!

  1. Tuyen says:

    Dollar moves is a great Chanel! Thank you!

  2. Bob says:

    Rob, I have learned so much from your youtube channel and have referred several others to you. Quite frankly, I may not have had the confidence to start my Amazon book selling business if it had not been for your youtube videos. I want the channel back, and I want it back now! [GrayElephantClub-books, Amazon and Ebay]

    • Rob Anderson says:

      Thank you for the kind words Bob! I have heard the same thing (about my Youtube videos being the thing that helped people have the confidence to move forward on their online businesses!) from SO MANY PEOPLE OVER THE YEARS! I appreciate your support and hope that Youtube can see the value in my Channel! I agree…I want it back too! 😉

    • Eula McPherson says:

      I second that sentiment! I also have learned so much valuable information from the Dollar Moves You Tube channel. I noticed you hadn’t made any videos lately and thought you were just busy with your FBA stuff. I watch a huge amount of You Tube (I’m subscribed to over 308 channels) and based on what I’ve seen your channel was one of the most helpful ones out there. YOU TUBE PLEASE ALLOW DOLLAR MOVES CHANNEL BACK ON THE PLATFORM. HIS CHANNEL WAS ONE OF THE REASONS I SPEND SO MUCH TIME WATCHING VIDEOS. YOU ARE TRULY DOING A DISSERVICE TO YOUR COMMUNITY BY REMOVING HIS CHANNEL Thank You

  3. Charlene says:

    Rob ALWAYS supplies useful, accurate, actionable information in his videos. His fair, unbiased reporting is a rare thing these days.

  4. Alissa says:

    Rob, I’ve watched a number of your videos and found them helpful and informative. You’ve got a great, friendly style on camera, and I honestly can’t figure out why YouTube would take down your channel, but I hope for your sake and for new sellers looking for information about FBA that YouTube comes to their senses and reinstates your channel.

  5. Mel C says:

    I subscribe to the dollarmoves channel and am quite disappointed with Youtube. I just don’t understand why. There’s lots of great free content from the channel and I learned a lot from it.

  6. Morris Smith says:

    Rob, thank you for all of your Dollar Moves Videos and being one of the truly “good guys” online. I discovered you shortly after I started doing FBA on Amazon.

    I have received great value from your videos. Your videos have inspired me when I was discouraged and your recommendations and demonstrations have helped me find and choose equipment and practices that make this business easier and more profitable.
    I have always had your channel at the top of my list of favorite on youtube. If your videos are not there, please rest assured that I will seek them out wherever they are because I consider them so important to my business.

  7. Bob Silber says:

    I have always appreciated your taking your valuable time to teach and help me and others. Your experience and advice has been invaluable. Thank you so much.

  8. Wayne says:

    I’m 82 years old and a retired Certified Public Accountant. I supplement my Social Security with a money that I make selling online. Rob’s YouTube videos played an important part in my getting started online. Without this boost to my startup, I could never have gained the knowledge that I have used to improve my well-being. I offer thanks to YouTube for making his videos available, and I look forward to the time when the suspension will be removed so we all can continue to learn from this gifted professional.

  9. Joan says:

    You videos are so informative and give me the hope that maybe I can do some of this, too. I wouldn’t have known where to start or how to get started without your informative posts.

  10. Gila Karash says:

    Learned a lot from your videos and always looking forward to the next one.
    Nice job!

  11. Joel Marchus says:

    Hey, thanks for all of the great content! I sure hope to see you get your channel back soon. I go to youtube to learn everything from car repair to cool projects and certainly business ideas and suggestions. It is a real shame that they have made a decision to take one of the more valuable content from their site.

  12. Karen says:

    I have been selling on ebay for over 6 years, I’ve watched Rob’s Dollar Moves videos for the information I need to make the move to Amazon’s FBA. It’s impossible to put a price on the information/help the Rob gives. He has given me the confidence to make the move to FBA.

  13. DONNA GARRETT` says:

    I have always found Rob Anderson and Dollar Moves to be honest and very helpful in supplying information on the process of making my Amazon business more successful . He gave very useful and professional information on his Youtube account. I am disappointed that Youtube terminated his account while they still allow a lot of useless garbage to remain. Rob Anderson is an honest and upstanding person who wants to help people who need the information that he has to start and maintain a profitable business not only on Amazon, but also on Ebay. I sincerely urge Youtube to reconsider his termination and reinstate his account so many will benefit from the wealth of info he has to offer us .

  14. L Thorpe says:

    Hey Rob, I am new to FBA and your videos have been invaluable. Whether I am sourcing, scanning, preparing a shipment or deciding on tools to help me out, I often “hear your voice” and remember your advice…you’re like the little FBA Yoda in my life! You are a sincere, honest leader in the FBA community and your advice and videos are much appreciated. I truly hope you get everything resolved in your favor. God bless.

  15. Rob…I LOVE your videos! Can’t believe what my ears just heard about the youtube situation.. They have the wrong guy here! I hope they read these and if they do…here is
    my 2 cents. Youtube…Dollar Moves videos have been extremely helpful to many of us entrepreneurs. Rob is doing great quality videos and always full of great info for us. He needs to stay! Can’t believe this injustice….and you won’t even have a conversation with him…emails…emails…have we become so impersonal these days. Rob’s channel is honest and down to earth….and Rob is always willing to go out of his way in helping people out! Rob….if there is anything I can do just give me a shout. You really do a fine job my friend!!!

  16. Carol says:

    I was shocked and very saddened to see that Rob’s Dollar Moves videos were gone from Youtube! His video content was excellent and the most useful we found for helping us learn about starting and running a profitable Amazon business. I shared Rob’s videos with many people and they were all very grateful to find him. Please Youtube, bring Rob’s Dollar Moves video channel back. He provided so much value and inspiration to all of us!

  17. Teresa Gulley says:

    DollarMoves was one of the first YouTube channels that I subscribed to. It was very informative in helping me to select, label, package and sell books. Since then I have kept up to date on the best items to use in my e-commerce business. The loss of this channel means one less place for a vast amount of accurate knowledge for e-commerce sellers.

  18. Jack Wallace says:

    Bob does a good service to people trying to make a living on the inter net.
    Sound advice. He has helped me and I am sure many others.
    his site is clean verus many others. He leaves a void on U Tube.
    need to have him back to continue his good work!!

  19. Linda says:

    I am so disappointed in Youtube. To take down a site that helps so many people strive to make a difference in their lives is unthinkable. Dollar Moves has helped me to move forward in my life in a direction I never thought was possible. With all the garbage youtube allows to stay up a disgrace. Rob Anderson doesn’t promise you anything, he doesn’t guarantee you anything, he doesn’t scam you. Rob Anderson does inform you, he helps you, he educates you. When you finish watching a video of his you can make an informed decision on that subject matter. Bring back Dollar Moves! Thank you Rob you have my support and hope they reinstate you soon.

  20. Edwin says:

    Cancelling Rob’s YouTube account is a big mistake. He helps so many people with his videos. I am one of those people. With Rob’s help I was able to make sense about what I needed to do to create a viable business online. I now earn money to help supplement my income and it continues to grow day by day. Rob does not subscribe to the “get rich quick” method of selling that so many others on YouTube use. His information is valid and free. Bottom line is he educates those in need of teaching.

  21. Dorcas says:

    Rob is one of the reasons that I have decided to get into this type of business. I really enjoy and find his youtube videos helpful and very informative. Not being able to access his videos is devastating. Every decision that I make is based on myself and I don’t feel pressured to do anything. Hopefully his youtube site will be back on very soon!

  22. William Taft says:

    Rob Anderson’s videos on the YouTube channel have been an incredible source for educating new, as well ad establishe sellers on Amazon. In addition, his product demonstrations and reviews are terrific. He represents the best of role models in this business, and absolutely should be back on YouTube -immediately. To remove his sight while allowing so much offensive material is immature and outragious.

  23. Dean says:

    I enjoy all of Rob’s youtube videos he has a lot of information about Amazon. Thanks Rob I hope they bring you back.

  24. L says:

    Thank you so much for your videos.
    They are a great resource, practical, and certainly helpful
    in learning about Amazon FBA and more.
    I have learned so much from you since
    I am a new online entrepreneur.
    You are doing an EXCELLENT job!
    God bless!

  25. Jordan Malik says:

    I have helped thousands of Amazon sellers get started selling products on Amazon successfully. There are other ‘experts’ out there, and Rob is one of the (rare) ‘great guys’ who has no agenda (in his videos or anything else) to help others succeed. His Youtube videos have been nothing but informative. Youtube, there are a lot of shams out there, as well as a TON of useless videos on your site (hogging up your server space). Do the right thing and reinstate Rob’s Youtube channel.

  26. Barrington says:

    I want to lend my support to the Dollar Moves channel and the awesome content they produce that has inspired and changed so many peoples lives. It would really be nice to see youtube re-evaluate their decision to suspend this account.

  27. Albert says:

    Great channel with FREE content, we appreciate all you do.

  28. Steve P says:

    C’mon Youtube, reinstate Rob’s channel! Love your videos Rob!

  29. Cheryl says:


    The Dollar Moves Youtube Channel has helped me tremendously! I learned how to scan products and have made a ton of money thanks to you. I would not be near as successful without your help. You are so sincere and honest. I am very sad that Youtube has made this decision. I would love to see you come back to Youtube. With that being said, is there a way to get around them? What if they jerk the rug out from under you again?

    Take care,

  30. Linda says:

    Dollar Moves has been a big part of my FBA “training”. The content they provide has been invaluable in my learning about the FBA process. Please bring them back!!

  31. David Wright says:

    Dollar Moves is an excellent YouTube channel and gives out great information it needs to be brought back!!!

  32. Bill Rakozy says:

    Dollar Moves has been a great asset to me as I began my Amazon FBA business over a year ago. He is sincere in trying to help others without any intent to benefit financially from his content. I continue to support Rob’s effort and want to encourage YouTube to reinstate his account so I can and thousands of other people can continue to learn from his positive content and instructional information.

  33. Susan says:

    Dollar Moves and Rob Anderson rock. He’s not only knowledgeable, and personable, but extremely generous in his videos, links, know how, and posts. I have learned sooooo…much from Dollar Moves and Rob Anderson. Thank you!

  34. Edie says:

    Rob Anderson and Dollar Moves have been a great resource for me starting and growing my business. I use several of the resources that he has reviewed and recommended. Thank you Rob for all your hard work.

  35. Angelica says:

    Hey Rob, I just clicked on your channel to catch up a bit & it was GONE! Shock! Horror! I read the report at the top for why the channel was missing & knew that couldn’t be true. I landed on this page b/c I googled “What happened to Dollar Moves on You Tube?” 😀 So sorry to hear about the the trouble. I hope you can get your channel back, ITMT – thanks so much for going to all the work of loading all the videos on your site! Our family really appreciates it! We’ve done MF on AZ, but have yet to make the leap to FBA. Videos like yours are so encouraging, and you’ve always been sincere & helpful. Our whole family enjoys your videos. Keep the the good work. We’ll follow here even if you never get your channel back. 😀

    • Ken says:

      Thanks Rob, for all of the inspiration and knowledge that you have provided me. You are one of those people that can explain subjects that can seem daunting, and break them down into easily understood pieces. I am not certain why Rob was removed from Youtube, but I am sure that it was some sort of miscommunication or mistake. No one is perfect and we ALL have been there. Youtube, please allow Rob to continue his Channel. He is an asset to those of us who have learned from him and he will continue to be an asset to those who follow him in the future. Thank you.

      • Diane says:

        Rob’s videos gave me confidence when I was beginning as a seller, from registering, to packing a shipment, to many more aspects of selling. He explained it in a simple straight-forward manner that was clear and easy to understand. I have recommended Rob’s videos to friends who have become sellers. Today, I learned of another reputable person whose valuable videos for sellers were removed by YouTube. Is someone intentionally trying to destroy these successful and helpful people, or does YouTube have a vendetta against them? Either way, YouTube made the wrong decision; perhaps you need to rethink your incompetent process in this regard. Return Rob and Dollar Moves to YouTube.

  36. Lori says:

    Rob – Thank you for all of your time spent to assist those of us who have wanted to start our own business. This is not an easy system to navigate and your videos so clearly explained and outlined how and where to start. YouTube Team – PLEASE reinstate Rob and the Dollar Moves content or at least afford him the courtesy to speak to someone, and not just receive an auto email response. You are doing a disservice to thousands of people! REAL companies can admit when they make a mistake and will reverse their decision. Do the right thing, you will be respected for it!

  37. Terry W says:

    So many times when searching for information & reviews for new tools to use in my business, I would find youtube videos from Dollar Moves. I always knew I could trust Rob Anderson to be informative and unbiased. So much helpful free content, his motivation has always seemed just to be helpful. No pushing products, no plugs for friends’ products, just honest reporting; he does all the research for me! It never enters my mind to worry about being “scammed” or misled. I’m so totally confused by YouTube’s actions. Rob, many thanks for so much great content!

  38. Vickie Stewart says:

    Rob. . . I have followed you for awhile now and have gained so much from your videos on YouTube and on your website. You give so freely to folks to help them get started and to succeed. YouTube should definitely reconsider and reinstate your channel as it is such a great resource for the FBA sellers.

  39. Sheila says:

    I watched some of the videos and I totally support its reinstatement! Good luck!

  40. I am so sorry this happened to you. It is wrong that they would take your account away. I never saw anything that would cause this to happen. They need to give your account back to you.

  41. Jay Bayne says:

    Rob and his Dollar Moves channel helped me start my FBA business. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that is looking to start or grow their online business. He is the real deal and his videos have some of the best content on YouTube!

  42. Michelle says:

    I love his videos! Please reinstate his Youtube channel. Thanks.

  43. Barbara Burton says:

    I hope your account is re-instated!! I enjoyed your videos very much and they were so very helpful to me! Great information!

  44. Janet says:

    Dollar Moves has been a huge help for me. Please bring them back to benefit a lot of people.

  45. Blaine says:

    Please reinstate!

  46. Rex says:

    Rob has brought great value with his you tube videos and I have never had reason to believe his content was anything but genuine and factual. I appreciate his videos and would request they be put back up.

  47. Robert says:

    Rob is a very likeable and knowledgeable guy whose enthusiasm and love of what he does comes across in every video he produces. He has inspired me (and many others I am sure) to begin selling online when I lacked the knowledge or confidence to do so. HEY YOUTUBE! Please reinstate Rob & Dollar Moves ASAP! thanks for your great work Rob!..

  48. Jonathan Flinker says:

    Dollar Moves has proven again and again to be an invaluable resource for Amazon sellers, and has been very influential in helping get my own business off the ground. Rob Anderson is the LAST person I’d be removing from Youtube! He is a person of integrity and he truly wants to help others and pass on the knowledge he has gained through trial and error. Please bring Dollar Moves back to Youtube!!!

  49. Grace says:

    I was very disappointed when I went to watch how to use a tool and found out that
    there were no videos by Dollar Moves and his videos were so much better than others on youtube. The content he freely offered was so valuable. I use youtube almost every week learning how to do something and love the fact that I can do that. I hope that you will add the dollar moves videos back to the youtube channels. Rob Anderson is a great teacher and helps a lot of people.

  50. Julie says:

    Please bring back Rob Anderson’s channel. Videos are very informative and helpful for people trying to learn the ropes. YouTube, there’s a LOT of stuff out there on your site that is questionable, but this?? C’mon.

  51. Rachel says:

    I got my start on FBA from watching your videos. I would never have known about this business model or how to get started without the Dollar Moves youtube videos. You make the content easy to understand and take action on. I can’t understand why youtube would take it all away. I hope you are able to get reinstated and continue to help others.

  52. Michelle S says:

    I would’ve been lost with Rob’s helpful and informative videos. He posted so many videos with helpful content regarding the Amazon FBA business model. It helped me feel like I could do it too. From useful tools to invaluable techniques, his videos are priceless.

  53. Edie says:

    Dollar Moves has helped so many people. Me included. He is a great teacher and very caring man. Please reinstate his account. Other people need his help . He helped me overcome my fear and because of this when my husband was hurt, we could go on paying our bills because of what he taught us.

  54. Raadel says:

    Dollar moves has given me a lot of valuable information!

  55. DAVID says:

    Rob, we miss you. You have been such a great help in running and improving my business. You are such a down to earth guy.
    Why would you tube take suspend you?


  56. Nancy C in Clearwater, FL says:

    I am so shocked to hear that the Dollar Moves YouTube channel was suspended! I am a subscriber to Dollar Moves and have learned so much from Rob Anderson. Dollar Moves was the first channel I ever subscribed to and can’t imagine why it has been suspended. I never would have started my FBA business without the encouragement and knowledge I received from Rob on Dollar Moves. Rob is so honest, sincere, enthusiastic and helpful. His lessons and tips inspire us all to continue to build our businesses “smarter”. Please, YouTube…. please reinstate the Dollar Moves channel so the thousands of subscribers can continue to grow and to use YouTube. Thank you, Rob!

  57. Terri Thompson says:

    Dollar Moves with Rob Anderson is one of the few FBA venues that I trust. It’s helped me tremendously; I feel like I have someone holding my hand through the FBA process and as a novice that is so important.

  58. Very sad to hear your channel was taken down. I was a subscribed around a year ago and you were one of the first people I heard a year ago when I started. I hope it gets reinstated and soon.

  59. Bruce Leckie says:

    I have recently begun selling on Amazon, and found the Dollar Moves videos EXTREMELY helpful. Youtube, you’ve banned the wrong person. In my estimation, the Dollar Move videos added tremendous value to the content found on youtube.

  60. Chris Mason says:

    Hey Rob, reading the comments above I agree with all of them. Your videos have been so helpful to me. You’re a wonderful teacher and you share all your resources which are great! I just can’t understand why YouTube would do this. I watched your video and I did not see anything wrong with it. I seen hundreds of videos on YouTube that should be shut down, but they still have their accounts. This is wrong and unfair what happen to you. YouTube has gotten too big and they know it, so they can do anything they want. You can’t even talk to a human because they’re robots and hide behind their computers. Anyway, I wish you the best and we are all here to support you.

  61. Kayla H says:

    You had THE channel for FBA. I’m sorry that this has happened to you, but glad to see your positive attitude and optimism :). I have never thought of you as someone promoting a get rich quick scheme or anything of that nature. You are just excited about what a game-changer FBA can be and want to share it with everyone.

  62. Philip says:

    I found the Dollar Moves tutorials very helpful and wish I could still access them.

  63. Sara says:

    Please restore Dollar Moves videos to YouTube. I appreciate his helpfulness and think he has the greatest integrity.

  64. Lesley says:

    Youtube, please put Rob’s channel back the way it was. He has helped so many people including me, showing how to finally make money online to better their lives.
    I have watched so many of his videos and I have NEVER seen where he could even be mistaken for a person that should have his channel taken down.

    He gives valuable information that has worked just the way he says it does. When asked questions, he ALWAYS replies super fast. We all have found him to be in the best interest of all lives he touches.

    Please return his channel of 3 years hard work, and a place where we ALL count on for much needed help, that he gives from the heart.

  65. Lisa Frase says:

    Dollar Moves provides both credible and valuable information that help entrepreneurs like myself succeed. There isn’t a logical reason for YouTube to pull an informative and helpfu channel while leaving up so much trash. YouTUbe should focus on removing inappropriate and illegal garbage, not to mention all of the stolen content from Udemy, and leave ethical and moral entrepreneurs who are trying to help others succeed alone.

  66. Evan P says:

    Rob’s videos were immensely helpful for me as I learned how to successfully run our Amazon business. It is unfortunate that a video channel of such high quality and moral fiber would be punished in such a way, I hope YouTube/Google will reconsider.

  67. Gigi P says:

    Dollar Moves helped us tons when we first started looking into online ventures. I trust that Google/Youtube will make the correct decision to bring this channel back. Rob helps a lot of people, where’s the harm in that?

  68. Bruce F says:

    I can’t imagine any reason why Dollar Moves was removed from Youtube? Rob has consistently provided excellent help and advice in a very professional manner, and has helped thousands (including myself) with his videos. Please bring Dollar Moves Back.

  69. Nancy P says:

    What’s going on, You tube? This man has helped so many make great, honest money with legitimate business tips and his own time. Please bring him back!

  70. Geri says:

    i look forward to Dollar Moves and really need it’s content. I would like to see it back on YouTube.

  71. […] Channel. If you want to show support and you’ve found value from Rob in ANY way, you can go here and voice your opinion in the […]

  72. Judy says:

    I have never seen or heard anything inappropriate in Rob’s videos. There are thousands of LESS appropriate videos on YouTube. Please bring the Dollar Moves channel back — he has helped so many with information about learning the online business plan — which, in turn, gives FREEDOM!! We want Rob and Dollar Moves back!!

  73. Ryan Reger says:

    Rob is a tremendous source of very valuable content. Please reinstate his Youtube channel.

  74. Elise says:

    I don’t understand this injustice done to Rob by youtube. No explanation – no reason why…and possibly no recourse? Why remove useful informative content that actually helps people move forward in their business, and allow garbage channels to proliferate? Rob isn’t harming anyone – he’s only helping people and frankly, this kind of action on the part of youtube is not only unfair, it’s a disgrace.
    Youtube – do the right thing and reinstate Rob’s channel immediately.

  75. Peter says:

    I have found Dollar Moves to be very educational. I am greatly disappointed in YouTube and hope that they will reconsider and reinstate this channel. There is a tremendous demand for real, educational content and Dollar Moves fulfills that for the entrepreneurial niche who want to sell on respected platforms such as Amazon and Ebay. I would like to see Dollar Moves reinstated on YouTube. Thank you.

  76. sergio says:

    What happened to robs videos on YouTube. I learned so much from this fellow. BRING HIS VIDEOS BACK!

  77. Jim Boyles says:

    As a fellow Amazon seller, I’ve followed Rob Anderson several years now on YouTube and various other forums. He’s an honest, knowledgeable, helpful and straight-up generous guy. It’s really sad to see that YouTube has pulled his Dollar Moves channel down and hasn’t provided a real means for Rob to communicate with them to determine why and how to get re-instated. I’m headed over to YouTube now to leave feedback and request the channel be put back up. Good luck Rob, I’m pulling for you!

  78. Felix says:

    This is injustice. Dollar Moves provide great contents. I hope YouTube will restore back Rob Anderson YouTube channel (Dollar Moves).

  79. Jon says:

    Dear Youtube,
    Robs videos are informative, helpful and of much higher calibre than a lot of other content providers. Wont you please reevaluate his case and reinstate his channel.

  80. Bob says:

    I have watched Rob’s videos many times and have found them to be informative, honest, and very helpful. If an account is to be suspended because of “flagging” it should be reviewed by a human to make the final determination. Rob is one of the best on YouTube please reinstate him.

  81. Lesley says:

    I hope you go and find a youtube alternative. You really dont need youtube now, you have a huge following. The people will go to where ever you set up. I know they want to hear from you, where ever your videos are. …. Just a thought 🙂 …. I hope your back somewhere soon.

  82. Carolan says:

    DollarMoves is a great channel, VERY helpful info.

  83. Erin says:

    I was shocked to hear the Dollar Moves channel was suspended on you tube! I have learned so much from Rob since beginning my selling on Amazon. I can’t imagine not having Rob’s videos that make things so easy to understand.

  84. Dean says:

    I really enjoy the Dollar Moves Channel on Youtube it has some great information you need to bring this back.

  85. Janet says:

    Please, Please, Please get back this super channel! This is a great channel and need not be removed from the web! He does NOT spam- just great information, all the time!

  86. cathy says:

    I can’t believe this has happened to Dollarmoves. YouTube has got it wrong again! Please bring back Dollarmoves. Great content, honest, and a big help to many. BRING BACK DOLLARMOVES!!! Youtube, you made a mistake. Make it right!

  87. Brenda says:

    YouTube, why would you arbitrarily shut down one of the good guys? Those of us who are trying to better our lives by making money without nasty corporate bosses looking over our shoulders day in & day out need and respect people like Rob who take time out of their busy lives to pay it forward with education, direction and support. Please, please put the Dollar Moves channel back online for us to learn from. Thank you

  88. David says:

    Rob – I have watched many of your Youtube videos and I have found them to be very educational and inspirational. They have definitely helped me build my FBA business. I am anxiously awaiting to watch more of your videos on Youtube. Best of luck to you!

  89. Janna V. says:

    Rob’s videos have helped and inspired me during my Amazon journey. He covered the big stuff and the seeming little stuff (like scotty pealers and how to pack a box for example), but all he has done and shared has added up to making me and I’m sure countless others better and more efficient sellers and in turn enhancing our lives. Thank you Rob!

  90. SP says:

    I know YouTube is invaluable but one way to make sure you don’t lose your videos is to upload each video twice. One copy of your video goes to your YouTube channel. The other copy of the same video to your website a use a viewer like JWplayer or whatever to show the video on your website. That way, if YouTube shuts down your YouTube channel for any reason, you can’t lose any videos at least.

    • Rob Anderson says:

      Hey there,

      I appreciate your comment and I definitely agree with what you are saying! When I had my account suspended I had to find a QUICK way to host my videos elsewhere. I found that for my videos the best player and place to host them is Google Drive. Luckily I had heard of BIG TIME YOUTUBERS having their accounts suspended from way back in the day so I took precautions to back up my videos. I now host the videos on Google Drive as well. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Take Care -Rob

  91. Ken says:

    Always… good things come from this channel. I am thankful for it.

    • Rob Anderson says:

      Thank you for the kind words Ken! I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment about your enjoyment of my Dollar Moves videos, website and Youtube! 🙂 Take Care -Rob

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