Education Paid For By My Business!

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Education is very important to me and I am always striving to learn new things. In this video I talk about the cost of my business education in 2012. I also talk about how my FBA business was able to purchase all of the learning materials and also write it off at the end of the year! You gotta’ love business!


VIDEO REVIEW of “Basic Esales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet” that I did:

Basic Esales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet System (same Excel bookkeeping spreadsheet system that I use for my FBA business) Learn more and BUY HERE:

“Retail Flipping” by Steve Lindhorst. Learn when to buy products at the lowest price and also the hottest times to sell products for the highest possible return! Learn more (and buy) HERE:

“Dewable” Amazon Course by Andy Dew…Learn how to start an Amazon FBA business and process orders without ScanPower in a video format! ALSO COVERS: ONLINE SOURCING AND BUSINESS AUTOMATION! This information BLEW MY MIND! Learn more (and buy) here:

*I would really appreciate any feedback that you have about Dewable after you purchase it and go through the information. Shoot me an email at: and let me know what you think!
*The above links are affiliate links and I will receive compensation if you use them (I appreciate the support). I only share products and services that either I have used personally OR that I believe can be of benefit to you or your business.

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