Make Money Online With Merch By Amazon Print On Demand POD T-Shirt Service! Sell Tee Shirt Designs on Amazon!

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Have you heard about “Merch By Amazon” Yet? This is an opportunity where you can make money online with no inventory costs, start up fees or skills needed! You can make money online just by using your imagination and creating shirt designs for people to buy on!

With Merch By Amazon, you create a FREE Merch account that allows you to create tee shirt designs that you can upload to Amazon’s online catalog. Once you have uploaded a tshirt it is then for sale and ready to be purchased by one of Amazon’s customers! People buy the shirt and Amazon will get the shirt and print your design on it! They will then send the finished shirt to the happy customer and will give YOU compensation in the form of a cash Royalty! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS MAKE SOME DESIGNS THAT PEOPLE LIKE!

I have brought together an exhaustive list of or resources to help you to succeed in making money online by designing tee shirts for Amazon’s Merch By Amazon Print On Demand (POD) platform! There are also some links at the bottom that you can use to start on other POD platforms while you wait to be given a Merch Account!

***The Following Are Videos I Have Made About Merch…LINKS TO RESOURCES ARE BELOW THE VIDEOS!***


Request a Merch By Amazon Account NOW so that you can start making money selling shirts on Amazon HERE!:

*I have added additional resources that show you how to sell on other Print On Demand platforms while you wait to get your Merch Account (Click Here OR scroll down the page to see other POD info)!


Killer Learning Resources By Chris Green (Some are Even FREE)!

Watch the FREE Youtube Video by Chris that shows you HOW TO MAKE A SHIRT DESIGN AND UPLOAD TO AMAZON HERE!:


Check out Chris Green’s Awesome, Informative Books About Merch by Amazon (Including his book “Merch Life” about the basics of Merch By Amazon and Also his Brand New Book “Merch Resources“) At his Author page on Amazon HERE!:


Proven Merch Course is taught by Chris Green and shows you the steps you need to know to get started selling successfully on Merch By Amazon! This is a FULL COURSE Merch By Amazon Course! Check it out HERE!:

*As of the writing of this blog there is a special to get this course FREE by using the code: Chris during checkout! Get this course free while it lasts! If the code doesn’t work, then the special has expired! 



Proven Merch Live – Is A 3 day Event August 3rd – 5th of 2017 lead by Chris Green and many other great Merch entrepreneurs and will be held LIVE in Yorba Linda California! There is a TON of information on the website that tells about all of the great info you will learn at the event and from the streaming videos! If you cannot make it to the live event you can PURCHASE THE ENTIRE VIDEO STREAM and watch from your home! Here is the link to purchase tickets and/or get the live streaming video of the event!:

*As of this writing there are still some VIP tickets (Get up close and personal with the experts and even share a meal with some of them!) and also General Admission tickets! Go to the link to check availability! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to purchase the live streaming of the event!


Making Designs For Merch By Amazon Shirts!

Contact the Shirt Designers of my Beautiful “Costa Rica 2017 I Supported Trinity Shirt” to see what they can do for you at

*These guys do GREAT WORK and have done quite a bit of artwork for me over time! I highly recommend them!


Here is a sample of the work that Nate and Stephen did with my daughter’s “I Supported Trinity” Shirt!:


Make-Merch Design Software Videos!


Make Merch is an online software that is GREAT for those of us that want to TRY MAKING YOUR OWN SHIRT DESIGNS BUT HAVE LITTLE TO NO SKILLS! Try out the Easy to Use “Make Merch” Software (the same software I talk about making 5 shirt designs a day on in the video) HERE!:

*This software is great for beginners or those wanting to be able to make quick, nice shirt designs that are ready for upload at the correct specs! There are limits to the software because it is more basic BUT the designs turn out AWESOME! I made a Cool and Fun Shirt Design on Make Merch for the “Fun With Squids” Youtube Channel I am making with my Neice and Nephew! Check out the Shirt here!


Merch Ready is a service that creates High-Quality Merch T-Shirt Designs FOR YOU in individual or bulk lots that you can buy directly from them! These shirts also come with the (Ever important) Titles and Bullet Points ALREADY RESEARCHED AND CREATED FOR YOU! This service is great for those of us who are trying to tier up, those who don’t want to learn to design, and/or people that want to free up their time from designing shirts! Check Out Merch Ready HERE!:

*These guys just started this business within the last month and there is great demand for their designs! If you are interested to know when they make shirts available JOIN THEIR EMAIL LIST! Also, they have had a couple GREAT live Facebook Merch Q and A videos! Check out their Facebook group HERE!:


For those that are familiar with creating designs and have a more advanced skillset, Adobe Illustrator is brought up over and over by experts in the Merch Groups! See if AI is right for you HERE!:



Keyword And Analytic Software To Help You Find The Niches! The RICHES are in the NICHES!


Merchant Words a great tool to show you exactly what people are looking for on Amazon AND how many people are looking for it PER MONTH! This is a superb tool that many have been using for FBA for YEARS and NOW people are using it to help find popular (and underserved) niches for Merch Shirt Designs! Get Started With Merchant Words (Dollar Moves Special Pricing!) HERE!:

*Merhant Word’s “Dollar Moves” Discounted Price is ONLY $9 PER MONTH as of the time of this Blog!!!


Merch Informer is the BEST Merch By Amazon Analytics and Keyword finding Online Software available (and at a SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICE)! There is SO MUCH that Merch Informer does that I believe EVERYONE WHO IS SERIOUS ABOUT THEIR MERCH ACCOUNT SHOULD HAVE! There is SO MUCH that this software covers (and they recently added more features!) and this is a small list of just some of them!:

  • Product Research
  • Brand Spy – See what your competition is doing!
  • Keyword Finder / Keyword Favorites
  • Advanced Competition Checker – this is PHENOMENAL!
  • Listing Optimizer.
  • Trademark Alerts! – Constantly (daily) checks for trademark infringement on selected shirts!

This is just SOME of the things that Merch Informer does to help you succeed with Merch By Amazon! You would think it is super expensive but it costs around $20 A MONTH!!! Learn more about Merch Informer and get your 3 DAY FREE TRIAL HERE!:



OTHER Print On Demand Platforms To Sell on While Waiting To Be Accepted into Merch By Amazon!:


RedBubble: Create Shirts, Hoodies, Coffee Mugs, Stickers and SO MUCH MORE! Check Out RedBubble TODAY!

TeeSpring: Create Shirts, Pillows, Hoodies, SO MUCH MORE! Check them out TODAY!:


Merch and The World of Print on Demand is an Ebook by Jacob Topping that not only goes over Merch by Amazon but ALSO ALL of the MOST POPULAR Print On Demand Platforms available! Did you know that you can print SO MANY OTHER THINGS THAN SHIRTS AND have that PROCESS AUTOMATED?! This ISN’T JUST AN AMAZON THING! I met Jacob at an event and the amount of information he had about the different POD sites and what could be done with them was AMAZING TO ME! I mean, you can even have a skateboard printed with your design on it if you want! You can do this ALL 100% HANDS FREE AND AUTOMATED and Jacob shares how in his Book! You PURCHASE NO INVENTORY and LET THE PLATFORMS DO THE WORK while YOU COLLECT ROYALTIES!!! GET YOUR COPY of Merch and The World of Print on Demand HERE NOW!:












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